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John Jeffries

Precision Turntable

Northampton Hi-Fi Show 2021

STRATOSPHERE MK 3.  At the recent Northampton Hi-fi show the latest Stratosphere was on demonstration and received great interest and enthusiasm.  Coupled with several other manufacturers, Bladelius, Puritan, Lyravox, Quadraspire, My-Sonic, Primary Control etc, the Stratosphere put in a great performance and at its first outing at a show since its substantial upgrade it was received with great praise.  Now with a completely new and highly specialised bearing coupled with an updated power supply, superior component material offering substantially improved record support and control, the Stratosphere MK3 raises the game to a whole new level.  Call me for details and information about a couple of prototype specials at a much reduced price or take the plunge, a new Stratosphere is a lifetime turntable standing up against the world’s very best

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